A modular 7 segments display

The serial 7 segments display I have a bunch of vintage red seven segment led display. This kind of display is quite pin consuming. Even with multiplexing, the number of control is huge if the goal is to interface it with low range microcontrollers. The solution is not new: use a shift register. The principle … Continue reading

STM32F10x Discovery, part 3: Code and run

Files updates In the project section, update the name “Target 1” to usart_3. Inside this section, create four groups: StdPeriph_Driver CMSIS Startup User Create a new C file, using menu File/New… and save it as main.c into the project directory. Populate each group with required library information, by a right click on each group and … Continue reading

STM32F10x Discovery, part 2: configure project

It’s now time to launch Keil µVision software. Start to create a new project with menu Project/New µVision Project. Create a directory usart_3 under stm32, the working directory. Stm32/usart_3 will contain the project files. Select Device for Target, the STM32F100RB soldered on the Discovery board: At the dialog box “Copy ‘startup_md_vl.s’ to Project Folder and … Continue reading