STM32F10x Discovery, part 1: Software and library installation

This post starts to explain how to build a project for STM32 Value Line Discovery kit using ARM’s Keil software and the STMicroelectronics Standard Peripherals Library.

It use strictly this basics libraries and do not use function wrappers included in the STMicroelectronics libraries.

It doesn’t describe the physical implementation, so there’s no schematic.

This document is based on:

  • µVision V4.23.00.0
  • STM32F10x Standard Peripherals Library V3.5.0 / 11-March-2011
  • CMSIS[1] v1.20

Install Keil software which can be found on website. A short and free registration is required to run the tool. It will result in a 32k memory limitation for the MCU.

Download the STM32F10x Standard Peripherals Firmware Library on

Unpack it. It contains the following directory tree:

Now create a directory for your Keil projects, stm32 for example.

From STM32F10x Standard Peripherals Firmware Library, copy the Libraries directory into stm32 project directory.

You’re ready to create a new project with Keil.

Next: STM32F10x Discovery, part 2: configure project

[1] Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard


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