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STM32F10x Discovery, part 3: Code and run

Files updates In the project section, update the name “Target 1” to usart_3. Inside this section, create four groups: StdPeriph_Driver CMSIS Startup User Create a new C file, using menu File/New… and save it as main.c into the project directory. Populate each group with required library information, by a right click on each group and … Continue reading

STM32F10x Discovery, part 2: configure project

It’s now time to launch Keil µVision software. Start to create a new project with menu Project/New µVision Project. Create a directory usart_3 under stm32, the working directory. Stm32/usart_3 will contain the project files. Select Device for Target, the STM32F100RB soldered on the Discovery board: At the dialog box “Copy ‘startup_md_vl.s’ to Project Folder and … Continue reading